Everything You Need to Know about Auditions


Students interested in participating in the cast must be present for auditions and must have all paperwork completed and with you on the day of auditions.


Fall Play

The fall play will have one day of acting auditions.  


Spring Musical

The spring production is a musical.

Therefore there will be at least 2 days of auditions

Day one will be for acting auditions.  The second day will be for vocal auditions. You may also be asked to participate in a group movement audition.


When & Where?

All auditions will be held in the HMS auditorium on the scheduled day starting at 3 PM.   


Please plan to stay until everyone has had the chance to audition usually we finish around 5 PM.


Vocal auditions will be held in the HMS Choir room starting at 3 PM.  After you have completed your vocal audition you are dismissed and free to go home.


For all auditions, we will first meet in the HMS Auditorium.


What to prepare?


Acting Auditions: Students will be provided a section of the script to use for auditions prior to the audition date.  Students are not required to have the material memorized for auditions, but it can be helpful.


Acting auditions will be held in small groups.  Everyone will have the chance to read/audition at least two times. 


Vocal Auditions:  Students auditioning for the musical will be required to sing a selection from the musical we will be producing.  There will be a vocal workshop before the scheduled auditions to teach the section of the songs that we plan to use.  Memorization of the song is not required but can be helpful to your audition.  Vocal auditions will be held privately.  Make sure you are able to access the practice accompaniment before audition day.


  • Consider attending the auditioning workshops offered to help you prepare.

  • Be articulate and project!

  • For singing and reading, we want to hear you!

  • Don’t be afraid to move for a little emphasis: a step here, a hand gesture there.

  • Give it your ALL! BIG, BOLD characters are a good thing!


Get audition materials here: