Who We Are:

Haddonfield Middle School Drama Club provides after-school theatre experiences for Haddonfield Middle School students in grades 6-8.


The HMS Drama Club is committed to providing educational experiences in the theatre arts for all students. 


What We Do: 

  • Encourage confidence and imagination in young performers.

  • Create a space that is safe and open for expressing ideas, opinions, and feelings.

  • Cultivate an appreciation of the art of theatre as performers and audience members.

  • Challenge students to critically examine the world through theatre experiences. 

  • Engage others to critically examine the world through the art of theatre.

  • Produce high quality shows that entertain and educate audiences.

Is Drama Club for You?  Check out the Scene.

Faculty Advisors
Ms. Caren Izzo   


Assistant Director 


Ms. Karen Pedersen

Assistant Director--Stage Crew


Mr. Albert Bader 

Music Director